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TacTec Plate Carrier by 5.11 (Best Value) Shop or Read Reviews. There are SO many companies making armor and calling them 10”x12” but when you go measure the plate itself it is sometimes 10x12 and other times it is as far as plus or minus 1” out in dimensions! Spartan Armor . Shot Stop Armor. For less than $200 (before your discount) you can get two shooter’s cut plates and a MOLLE carrier. PPSS Cut and Bite Resistant Clothing. Shop our selection to find a plate carrier you can count on. Side Plate Weight (per plate): 6×6 approximately 2lbs 12.8oz (base coat) Due to popular demand, we have added a “base coat” only option for our Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor products. To start, we used light weight 1000 Denier laser cut Molle, then we added our top zippered admin pouch up top followed by a kangaroo pouch that come with removable triple M4 mag pouches. 7 – 5.11 Plate Carrier Review (5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier) 5.11 Tactical brings you the TacTec™ Plate Carrier . If you're looking for quality Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor, AR550 or Armaply™ AR650 steel core body armor plates at a good price, then our products are the ones to choose. Thoughts on Spartan Armor? ... Shooters Cut Plate Carrier, 10x12 Chest and Back Plates… Super Tuber's Review of Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Body Armor and Plate Carrier Package This is my initial impression after receiving and fitting the vest to me. Condor MOPC Body Armor Plate Carrier. That’s a heck of a deal. This plate carrier accepts their Swimmers cut front and rear plates as well as the side plates. Might get really hot though. Choosing your plate carrier will depend on the type of plates or panels you buy. The swimmer’s cut narrows the top of the plate for vastly improved arm movement. Home. Fits Spartan Armor Systems™ 10″x12″ AR500 Shooter’s Cut armor plates; Emergency drag handle. We offer tactical gear such as plate carriers and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) at … 1. Steel is a great alternative to ceramic composite plates due to being less expensive. Get the proper sized plate / carrier and wear them correctly in training and I think you’ll find you quickly adapt to where they just feel normal. Side release buckles on shoulders and internal waist strap. Compared to regular SAPI plates, the ALSC cut covers about 9% less surface area. Chest Plate Weight (per plate): 10×12 AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 8lbs 1oz. paying the operator say $25 per hr. FREE Shoulder Pads; Overview: All-in-one Package – This package is perfect for you if you’re looking for a quick-and-easy solution that works right out of the box. The downside is less coverage. Spartan Armor Systems™ is pleased to … Easy access to ballistic plates … Outfit yourself with this Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Body Armor and Plate Carrier Package to strengthen your defenses against ballistic threats in the field. Bigger and better? At Bulletproof Zone, we partner with quality brands like Protect the Force, Spartan Armor Systems, AR500 Armor, Chase Tactical, Warrior Assault Systems, and Shellback Tactical to ensure you have access to only the highest quality Plate Carriers and other Ballistic Body Armor. AR500, AR550 and AR650 Armaply. This is the Gen 1. A removable cummerbund that holds two 6×6 side plates, or just remove the strong velcro cummerbund and side plates for a quick clasp “active shooter plate carrier”… Thoughts on Spartan Armor? First up, AR500 is back again with this Testudo Plate carrier, which is their Gen 2 version. Condor Sentry Plate Carrier (164) $45.95 Condor MOPC Modular Operator Plate Carrier GEN II (363) $66.95 Shooters Cut: The most common cut. I just ordered their new Swimmers cut plate carrier with front and back swimmers cut AR 550 steel plates. The Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Body Armor … See them all here. 1x adjustable plate carrier; 2x Level III 10x12 Shooters Cut Omega Plates to cover your chest and back; 2x Level III 6x6 Omega Body Armor Side Plates. Looking to sell my Spartan Armor Systems Sentinel Plate Carrier. First off, WOW what a value!! Spartan Omega Level III AR500 Steel Shooter’s Cut Plates They hold a 500 Brinell Hardness rating, a scale used to rate the hardness of steel and various other materials.Made of high carbon tempered steel, which is abrasion resistant and strong enough to prevent or minimize injury to the wearer. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99.00. rifle rated plates and side plates with a carrier for this price. - Spartan AR500 Level III 10 x12 Shooters Cut w/ Carrier & Side Plates $ 250.00 $ 275.00 - Spartan AR500 Omega Body Armor 10 x12 and Sentinel Plate Carrier Package PPSS Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves. AR500 Armor has some pretty decent plate carriers. PPSS Body Armor. Plenty of molle to attach anything you’ll need. To top that off, this plate carrier will … This version is actually the bigger version of the AR500 Veritas modular plate carrier. Shop Spartan Armor Systems AR500 Omega Body Armor And Plate Carrier Package | Up to $14.00 Off Be The First To Review Spartan Armor Systems AR500 Omega Body Armor And Plate Carrier Package + Free Shipping over $49. Spartan Armor Spartan Plate Carrier with AR550 Body Armor Ballistic Plate III+ Single Curve Base Coat with Side Plates ... Overview Specifications Q&A Reviews . It’s available in three straight colors, and then there’s a camo option as well. You need either SAPI, ESAPI, SWIMMER, SHOOTER CUT. CALL TO ORDER (512) 748-6933 Music: “Let em Hang” by Nemes1s¤tPage=2The Target … The first one we tested was the Testudo carrier which was very padded, had a side cumberbund, and the most comfortable shoulder pads I’ve used. Detachable shoulder pads. . For those wearing some of the more modern plate carriers which rely solely on the front and back plates for protection, this reduction in coverage may or … I am selling carrier WITHOUT plates. Great experience! Went ahead and ordered the Spartan Armor AR550 Shooters Cut. So we’ll cover these types of vests in this section as well. I can't decided between the shooters cut or the swimmers cut. These Armor Plates from Spartan Armor Systems have a core hardness of 545-560 BHN which brings them up to a Level III+ rating for maximum protection against high-velocity projectiles. BODY ARMOR – Level III+ Spartan AR550 Armor. Swimmers Cut: A m ore extreme clip/cut that extends further down the side of the plate rather than a 45* cut off the corner, which allows for most arm and shoulder movement. Shaping takes a few runs through a press and the machine operator can do all 40 plates in 1 1/2 hrs. spartan armor systems ar500 level iii armor with spartan sentinel plate carrier package.package includes both front and back ar500 shooters cut steel armor plates with single curve, base coat, two 6x6 base coat side plates and spartan sentinel plate, coyote brown, spartan … It is rectangle with top corners cut/angled to allow better arm movement and weapon shouldering, typically worn in the front of carriers/vests. *Black is currently on backorder. The cut expense is minimal as they put a sheet on the laser table and cut 40 plates maybe 42. the cut price is 3.75 for each [for all 40 is $150]. Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor - Raw Steel 10x12 Shooters Cut Single Plate $62.50 Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor and Spartan Swimmers Cut Plate Carrier Entry Level Package When buying plates for our carriers the “FULL CUT” option will not work. Select Color Accepts up to 6 x 8 side panel plates. Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Level III+ 10x12 Shooters Cut Plates (Set of Two) * Due to recent developments lead times are pinned at 10-12 weeks. Factors To Consider When Choosing A Plate Carrier Vest. Does not fit with Spartan Armor side plates; Accepts Medium or Large Swimmer/ESAPI plates up to 10.25″ x 13.25 . It’s designed to be the most lightweight and best-fitting plate carriers you can find. Chest Plate Weight (per plate): 10x12 AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 8lbs 6oz. Armor includes both front and back AR550 shooters cut steel armor plates with a single curve and base coat. Bullet Resistant Backpacks. As far as the cut goes, none of my plates are swimmers cut even though minimal weight is my top priority. I placed my order for the AR550 Body Armor Shooters Cut and Spartan Plate Carrier Entry Level Package plus a few extras on Oct. 28 and received it on … As you might have noticed, we also included tactical style vests in this article that don’t carry chest plates. AR500. We’ve taken our Level III Bulletproof Vest Body Armor to a NEW level! Estimated Price: $200 My Review: 5.11 took their time and interviewed the highest level operators in the world and asked for their feedback while designing the TacTec Plate carrier.That effort did not go unnoticed and the attention to detail and unique features of this plate carrier set it apart in many different ways. Will fit 6×6 side plates in cummerbund. SPARTAN ARMOR SYSTEMS “SPARTAN” SHOOTERS CUT PLATE CARRIER $ 88.95. Plate Carriers AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier – Gen 2. SAS also offers a variety of ceramic and composite plates including Level IV Multi-Hit plates. (2) AR500 Level III 10x12 Shooters Cut Omega Body Armor Chest/Back Plates, Single Curve, Base Coat (2) AR500 Level III 6x6 Omega Body Armor Side Plates, Curved, Base Coat Your armor plates are only as good as the carrier you keep them in; choose the wrong carrier and you risk suddenly becoming exposed after the first impact. We provide a wide variety of protective armor for professionals in high risk jobs. Best Plate Carrier Vests Buyer’s Guide. This carrier is designed for the multi-role warrior. ALSC Cut: ~86 in 2. Designed for our shooters cut steel core armor. Here is my unboxing video. Plate Carriers. Also included is a black, rip away IFAK pouch, Black Dangler Pouch, and 2 magazine pouches that each hold 2 AR and 2 Handgun Magazines. Does anybody have experience with either, and which one do you like more for shouldering a rifle and sighting your pistol. I've got enough cash saved up to grab one of the Spartan Ar500 plate and carrier deals. Shop Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Shooters Cut Body Armor - Set of Two | Up to 11% Off Be The First To Review Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Shooters Cut Body Armor - …

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