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Though Karna had lost the property of being unkillable that he received from his father, he never said he would stop proceeding to the battlefield. カルナは優劣を決しようとアルジュナに挑戦する。 Indra, who saw the divinity of Surya himself in that form, gave Karna his spear. Due to his curse, the wheel of Karna's chariot was stuck in a rut. カルナにあるものは父の威光を汚さず、報いてくれた人々に恥じる事なく生きる信念だけ。 “御者の息子風情が恥を知れ”と。 Karna was born between a human mother Kunti and the Sun God Surya. Karna was blessed with the opportunity to question the poor, their lives, and their value. カルナ 最大捕捉:1人 ...I believe this to be an unlikely argument, but if there is a Master who cannot win even after forming a contract with this Servant, that would be a human with top-ranking hopeless nature, unsuited for combat. "There is no need to hate you. その後に、 対魔力 C She was too late in declaring she was his mother. 真名:カルナ [8] The spear itself is very costly in terms of energy consumption along with his armor and general energy usage. That child was Karna, the golden hero who was born from relations with the sun god Surya. And so, just before the final battle. To Karna, who lived his life with pride in those who gave him life and raised him, his life was not his own. Having taken something greater than Karna's life away from him, Indra felt that his own honor would be stained if something was not given as compensation, and personally felt that Karna, although the enemy of his son, could properly wield the spear. Deal extra Special Attack damage to all [Divine] enemies. 全サーヴァント中一、二を争う。 彼女とて自らの行い…… 幻獣・神獣ランクを除くすべての獣、乗り物を自在に操れる。 But if you think about it, any servant or Noble Phantasm will be killed or overpowered/destroyed after coming into contact with the Vasavi Shakti … Skill at arms that when unacknowledged for various reasons. Released upon the enemy as a beam of light from the tip of the spear, it engulfs them in a massive explosion. The countless times Karna allowed the five brothers to go after this was due to this pledge. 1920x1080 Vasavi Shakti Wallpaper Background Image. 非常に高い能力を持ちながら、血の繋がった兄弟と敵対する悲劇を迎え、 パーンダヴァ五兄弟は自分たちより上の武芸を見せたカルナをさらなる笑いものにする。 自らを偽った言動、取り繕う態度、信念。 Magic Resistance: C カルナは人間の娘クンティーと太陽神スーリヤの下に生まれた半神の英雄である。 This is the source of the golden armor that made Karna invulnerable. 数々の呪いによって身動きが取れなくなった彼を、アルジュナは謀殺に近い形で仕留めた。 カルナはあらゆることを「それもあり」と受け入れる、極めて寛大なサーヴァントである。 カースト制度でいう武門、王族。 Vasavi Shakti (Upgrade 1) O' Sun, Abide to Death. Type: Anti-Army・Anti-Divine Its performance is to the point of being compared to nuclear weapons. To the opponents, the rank of his sword, spear, bow, Riding and Divinity appears to be one degree lower than what it actually is. Luck: D ""Know the mercy of the King of Gods. The string of Arjuna's bow was drawn back to its limits. He approached Karna when he was taking his holy bath and said, "I wish to receive the things you carry." Launcher Karna’s anti-army Noble Phantasm. カルナは黄金の鎧を失った時点で、速やかに自らの破滅を受け入れたにも関わらずだ。 Anti-Divine[1][2][3][4][5]Anti-Army[4][5] (Moon) アーチャー、ライダーなどにも該当。 Arms competency that went unrecognized due to various reasons. また余談ではあるが、幸運値のランクはカルナ本人による申告である。, 太陽神スーリヤの息子。 "Return to the place that you obtained with your own hands. 俺が恨み、貶めるものがあるとすれば、それは俺自身だけだ」 As the son of the Sun Deity Surya and having united with Surya after death, Karna possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude. 設定制作:奈須 きのこ While Vasavi has an even larger blast at full power. そうして青年に成長したカルナは、クル族の協議会に参加する。 Hero of Generosity ■ 貧者の見識:- By calling upon the name of the god Brahma it will pursue the enemy and surely hit, but because of a curse it cannot be used on opponents of greater ability than himself. Karna has no idea himself, but between his appearance, and the feathers that are scattered around when he uses this attack, he makes for quite the Visual Kei style Servant. 俺が施す勝利は、本当におまえにとっての勝利なのか?」 長く、見えない縁に操られるよう覇を競いあった兄弟は、ここぞとばかりに渾身の一撃を放ち合う。 一撃のみの光槍。雷光で出来た必滅の槍。 With this single strike, I shall inflict extinction. However, when receiving the effect of the golden armor Noble Phantasm, it will not be limited to this. カルナには既に味方はなく、身を任せる馬車の御者すらパーンダヴァに内通する敵だった。 His countenance was cruel, and his every action was violent. Region: India Overseer (オーバーシアー, Ōbāshiā) is one of the Overseer-class Servants able to be summoned by Ellis Sinatra in Fate/Eminent Revival. However, during the Holy Grail War, his master's victory is his priority, so a request for him to "yield his victory" will go unanswered, and he would admonish his opponent, as such a proposal would have no benefit for them. That was this "thunder spear." Fearing becoming an unmarried mother, Karna's mother, Kunti, for the sake of protecting her son, begged Surya for protection and was bestowed golden armor and an earring. 騎乗 A --- O sun, abide to death. 「それに、ドゥリーヨダナにも恩がある。 Luck: D 「人より多くのものを戴いて生まれた自分は、人より優れた“生の証”を示すべきだ。 Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm 大魔術、儀礼呪法など、大掛かりな魔術は防げない。 Yggdmillennia requested Ruler to assist his servant in defeating Karna, however she refused because she had to stay impartial to the battles of the War. So, as you probably know, Vasavi Shakti is an "EX" ranked purely offensive Noble Phantasm that is said to be able to kill or destroy absolutely anything it comes into contact with. それを恥と思わないのであれば、どうか答えてほしい。 This Divine Spirit aptitude is for when fighting Sun God Class Heroic Spirits with Divinity B rank and lower. Profile To the hero of generosity Karna, such determination is worthy of compensation. パーンダヴァ側でカルナに対抗できるのはアルジュナだけであり、そのアルジュナをもってしてもカルナとの直接対決は死を覚悟しなければならないものだった。 Personal Background II His trump card. Cannot defend against large-scale Magecraft such as High-Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals. 02 - 無冠の武芸:[-] "Though he may be relentless and ruthless, he is also full of majesty," is Karna's stance given form. 魔力:B Rank: A Karna was already without allies; his charioteer, whom he trusted with his body, was already an enemy, in collusion with the Pandavas. カルナはカウラヴァ百王子を、ひいてはドゥリーヨダナを勝たせる為にその力を振るい続けた。 Therefore killing both. バラモンから呪いを受け、インドラからは欺かれ、母クンティーの訴えに応じ、アルジュナ以外とは戦わないと誓わされ、それでもカルナは全てを受け入れた。 He is impartial to all people and, also, honors all people as "their own respective flowers". ことここに至って、カルナの母・クンティーは最後の賭けにでた。 レンジ:2〜5               ◆ 呪いによりカルナの馬車の車輪は轍にはまり、アルジュナの矢の弦が限界まで引き絞られる。 Rabbit's Reviews #283: Karna (Santa) (4* Saber), Rabbit's Reviews #282: Vritra (5* Lancer), Rabbit's Reviews #281: Ibuki-Douji (5* Saber), Christmas 2020: Samba Night‚ Holy Night - The Snowy Ruins and the Girl Knight, Rabbit's Reviews #280: Watanabe no Tsuna (4* Saber), Rabbit's Reviews #279: Ashiya Douman (5* Alter Ego), The Fate/Grand Order Advent Calendar 2020, Lostbelt No.3: SIN Spoiler-free Walkthrough, I think after the final Camelot movie and Solomon special airs, there will be more…, Is Benienma worth summoning for if I already have a ST Saber/Sabers like Yagyu and…, PSA_do_people_even_read_them627×551 403 KB However, right after being born, he was abandoned by Kunti and raised as the son of a coachman. 俺が全力を尽くすのは、我が宿敵アルジュナだけだ」 神性がB以下の太陽神系の英霊に対して高い防御力を発揮する。 これは嫌味ではなく、勝ちを譲られた時点で人生に負けているのではないか? Truly, he was a immensely prudent and superhuman hero. 貴女はその言葉を、遅すぎたとは思わないのか」 日輪よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ) It expresses the power to grasp the true nature of the opponent possessed by Karna, who was blessed with the opportunity to inquire about the life and value of the weak due to being someone without a single relative. As proof of being the son of Surya, he was given a golden armor that granted invulnerability. The third son Arjuna's skill at the bow was especially magnificent, to the point that he was praised as having no equal. ―――日輪よ、死に随え。 自分の事ならあまんじて受けるが、養父を侮辱された事は聞き逃せない。 Karna opened the castle gate and escorted Kunti out. Vasavi Shakti: O' Sun, Abide to Death (日輪よ、死に随えヴァサヴィ・シャクティ, Nichirin yo, Shi ni ShitagaeVasavi Sha Join Facebook to connect with Vasavi Shakti and others you may know. Range: また余談ではあるが、幸運値のランクはカルナ本人による申告である。 CV:遊佐浩二 貧者の見識 A むしろ―――そうだな。神といえど父親である、というのが俺には喜ばしい」 Hero of Charity 「ooc info」 OOC contact: @dategummies on tumblr/ @toukenhotties on twitter. In the myth, Indra took the form of a Brahmin and visited Karna's castle. ", 01 - 神性:[A] In the game he goes around busting stuff up with this. アンロック条件:絆レベルを3にすると開放 (マハーバーラタはパーンダヴァ王家とカウラヴァ王家、両勢力による戦いを主軸として描かれたもの) 神々の王ですら扱えきれなかった光の槍。 カルナはインドの叙事詩『マハーバーラタ』に登場する、倒される側の英雄である。 Interlude Due to this characteristic, he does not really have negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy. Karna had sworn not to refuse the request of a Brahmin made during this time. Both combatants unleashed tremendous am… 「その気持ちに応えよう。 カルナが武人として弓を預けるカウラヴァ百王子と、アルジュナを筆頭とするパーンダヴァ五兄弟の対立は激しさを増し、最終的には領地をかけての戦となった。 Deal extra Special Attack damage to all [Divine] enemies. Show Info. "I shall answer that feeling. 幸運:D If his true name is revealed, this effect will be terminated. 性別:男性 唯一の出自の証ともいえる鎧を差し出したという。 成長したカルナはパーンドゥ家と対立するクル家の養子となった。 The antagonism between Karna and the five Pandava brothers had become something he could not step back from, but sunset had come and the curtain was drawn on the conference. 言うまでもなく、カルナの言動は相手(の短所)を嫌悪してのものではない。 父スーリヤから授かった不死身性を失ったカルナだったが、それでも戦いに赴く事をやめるとは言わなかった。 自己主張の乏しいカルナだが、父である太陽神の威光を守る事には激しい決意を見せる。 種別:対軍・対神宝具 When the grounds were united as one voice looking for someone to equal the Pandavas, Karna leapt up to participate and displayed martial arts of the same rank as Arjuna's. Sun, Abide to Death [Noble Phantasm] そんな境遇で育ったカルナだが、彼は母や周りを恨まなかった。むしろ全てを肯定していた。 Search. An one-shot only spear of light that takes down even gods. (The central conflict of The Mahabharata is the war over influence between the Pandava royal family and Kaurava royal family.) Rank Classification Hit-Count 'EX' Anti-Divine: 5: Effect: Deal heavy damage to all enemies. ランチャーことカルナが持つ対軍宝具。 Vasavi Shakti is on Facebook. Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death And for that reason, she possesses a minimum amount of pride. Such a thing brings me joy." 保有スキル, 様々な理由から認められる事のなかった武具の技量。 多くの偏見から決して公には認められなかった武術の技量と高潔な精神を持つカルナは、格と言う点でも Increases Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death II damage by 250/500/1000 within 1800/1200/600 range hit respectively.               ◆ ・・・・・・ありえない話だと思うが、このサーヴァントと契約して勝利できないマスターがいるとしたら、 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Possible Opponents 1.2 With Archer (Arjuna) 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Parameters 3.2.1 Fate/Apocrypha & Fate/Grand Order 3.2.2 Fate/Extra & Fate/Extella 3.3 Weapons 3.4 Skills 3.5 Noble Phantasm 3.6 Feats 3.7 Flaws Killia … 天涯孤独の身から弱きものの生と価値を問う機会に恵まれたカルナが持つ、相手の本質を掴む力を表す。 ■ 日輪よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ) アナタの愛はアナタにしか向けられていない。 カルナの背負う太陽の火ではなく、絶対的なスーリヤの輝きでもなく、人間が見せる不完全な魅力こそが太陽だとカルナは語る。 But. Strength: B ""Be reduced to cinders, Vasavi Shakti! Receiving a curse from Brahman, deceived by Indra, forced to swear to not fight anyone other than Arjuna in response to the appeal of his mother Kunti; but even still Karna accepted everything. アルジュナを助けるため、カルナの最大の武具である『黄金の鎧』を策略で取り上げてしまった。 Home Ask Past dossier laws Group. O' Sun, Abide to Death(Vasavi Shakti) Maximum number of targets: 1000 units, 二節以下の詠唱による魔術を無効化する。 [3][7] Despite obtaining it, there were no records of Karna actually using the thunder spear in battle before his death. 2 .Fate stay Gate of Babylon + overlord (Tomb of Nazarick treasure) One: Automatic retrieve. Keyword: Golden armor, hero of generosity クンティーはアルジュナの従者にして友人・クリシュナにのみ事情を明かし、二人だけでカルナと面会する。 League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. 幸運:D Alignment: Lawful Good 日輪よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ) Indra, observe me. Preliminaries The golden armor and earring given by Karna's mother, Kunti, who felt fear in becoming an unmarried mother and prayed to Surya to protect her son. 種別:対国宝具 カルナはこの言葉に激怒した。 Noble Phantasm It was not the fire of the sun that Karna carried nor the absolute brilliance of Surya; to Karna, the sun was the imperfect charm that humans displayed. The Anti-Country Noble Phantasm Karna got from the Brahman Parashurama. パラメータ That was how Karna was raised, but he didn't hate his mother or his surroundings. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Type: Advertisement. ILLUST:pako The antagonism between the Kauravas whom Karna entrusted his bow as a soldier and the Pandavas that Arjuna led intensified and finally became a war with their territory in the balance. Divinity: A 「俺にとって敗北とは、父の威光を汚す事だ。 According to the opponent sword, spear, bow, riding, and divinity's ranks all appear one rank lower than they actually are. 1000x1414 1,243kB A spear of mortality made of lightning. 剣、槍、弓、騎乗、神性のそれぞれのスキルランクをマイナス1し、属性を真逆のものとして表示する。 特に三男アルジュナの弓の腕は素晴らしく、誰もかなう者はいないと讃えられた。 これがカルナを不死身たらしめる黄金の鎧の出自である。 Learn all there is to know about 『Karna』 in FGO(Fate/Grand Order)! Why did he continue to the battlefield, having lost his armor, but without reproaching Indra, who had hatched this scheme out of love for Arjuna? ランク:A+ Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail カルナは弱きものたち、その生と価値を問う機会に恵まれた。 Unlimited Bla Gáe Bolg Gandr Works Excalibur, Ambushed from Ten Sides - As If There Was No Shadow, Bishamonten's Eight Phases Wheel Charge Formation, Black Arts Decapitation Method - Moonflower, Dazzling Castle of the Sun in the Demonic Realm, Demon King Turns the Heavens - Red Spider Lily, Dojo-ji Bell Form 108 - Fire Dragon Mow Down, Eternal Mirror that Models the Celestial Bodies‎‎, Five Elements Mountain - Shaka Nyorai Palm, Gáe Bolg: Gouging Piercing Spear of Carnage, Hachiman Prayer - Shooting Through a Great Demon, Judgment of the Ten Rulers of Afterlife - Journey of the Wicker Basket, Lord Hachitendo of Hakuro Castle's Hundred Demons, Marital Vows of Rainbow Skirts and Feather Robes, Mechanical Doll Illusionary Arts - Bull Swallowing, Mountain-hurling Power and Matchless Valor, Multitude of Colors - Providential Oni Poison, Ox-King Storm Call - The Inescapable Net of Heaven, Peerless in Swordsmanship - Zen and the Sword As One, Eye of Shiva - Detecting the Six Secret Teachings, Usumidori - Short Steps With The Heavenly Blade, Six Realms Five Planes - The Divine Figure of Kurikara, Vijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Vijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Distortion‎, VR Shinkage-ryuu Hidden Art - Tomoe's Abyssal Solar Blade, ■ 日輪よ、具足となれ(カヴァーチャ&クンダーラ) いまさら母恋しでもないが、最後に「母親としての情」に訴えたクンティーの覚悟……それが真偽さだからぬものとしても…… If his Class is Archer it will be a bow, while under other Classes it will manifest as a different projectile weapon. Semiramis used poison and was known to practice magecraft throughout her story. "Including, I owe Duryodhana a debt. Karna became famous as the rival of Arjuna, the great hero of Hindu mythology. 種別:対人(自身)宝具 身長/体重:178cm・65kg Noble Phantasm: EX 感情表現の乏しいカルナだが、自らを拾い上げたもの、擁護したものを貶められる事には憤怒する傾向にある。 Marvelous hat drei neue Videos zu Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star veröffentlicht, welche die Servants Gilgamesh, Karna und Mumei in den Vordergrund stellen. This is how Karna, who was thrown away by his owner mother, came to be ignorant of his own birth, but he lived with only the things he had been given by his father, the sun god Surya, held in his chest. Personal Skills 神話において、インドラはバラモン僧に変化してカルナの館を訪ね、 Karna is a highly tolerant Servant who accept all matters as "that is also valid". 人間の母親がいなかった為に人の感情の機微を学べず、まわりの人間からは煙たがれる日々だった。 アンロック条件:絆レベルを4にすると開放 A spear of mortality made out of lightning. Karna seemed to be a Vaishya (merchant class) or a Shudrya (a slave).) The reason that Arjuna was the only opponent that Karna who never envied anyone, who never hated anyone, was conscious of was confirmed later.) Pointing his spear at the enemy, the flames gather in the ring between the wings and converge into the spear. ■ Kavacha and Kundala: O Sun, Become Armor Vasavi Shakti. Because his behaviors target people’s “true nature that should not be put to words”, he is disliked by many. A spear of light that can only strike once. Things having reached this point, Karna's mother, Kunti, wagered one last gamble: to reveal his lineage to Karna and draw him to the Pandava camp. Even though death awaits me, I cannot run away." ...Though it was only once, I am grateful that you called me your son." そんなカルナを救ったのはパーンダヴァと対立する一族、カウラヴァ百王子の長兄、ドゥリーヨダナだった。 During the Kurukshetra war, after Karna killed Ghatotkhasa with the Vasavi Sakti weapon; Krishna started dancing. 「俺が生を受けたのは父と母あってこそ。 Upon becoming unable to move due to many curses, he was brought down by Arjuna in a manner similar to deliberate murder. You, who declare yourself my mother, if you yourself have done no wrong, then accept the past without feeling ashamed of yourself." is matter of real worry for him. 光そのものが形となったものであるため、神々でさえ破壊は困難であり、インドラはこれを無効化しようと尽力した。 is a divine spear possessed by Karna, a spear of light granted to him by the Thunder God Indra in the Mahabharata. Karna challenged Arjuna to determine which of them was superior. Karna, the invulnerable hero of the Indian epic Mahabharata. EX[1][2][3] (Earth)A++[4][5] (Moon) ランク:EX "“With this single strike, I shall inflict extinction. Thank you for reminding me of this. 余談ではあるが、アルジュナが真相……カルナが自分の兄である事……を知っていたかどうかは定かではない。 It is a bow if his class is Archer, in other classes it manifests as a projectile. 様々な呪いを受け、その真価を発揮する事なく命を落とした英雄―――それがカルナである。 Endurance: C クンティーはしたたかな女で、初出産の恐れ、神々が自分の子を認知するかといった不安から、太陽神スーリヤに“この子供が貴方の息子である証拠がほしい”と願った。 Status. 相手からは剣、槍、弓、騎乗、神性のランクが実際のものより一段階低く見える。 "I understand your words. But Karna has difficulty conveying his true nature. こうしてカルナは不名誉から救われたが、カルナの出世を聞きつけた養父が現れ、カルナの出自が判明してしまった。 A god-killing spear given to him by the thunder god Indra in the “Mahabharata”. Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death In Karna's case, blazing flames become magical energy to dwell in the weapon used. ブラフマー神の名を唱えることで敵を追尾して絶対に命中するが、呪いにより実力が自分以上の相手には使用できない。, 隠されたカルナの宝具。奥の手。飛び道具のブラフマーストラに、カルナの属性である炎熱の効果を付与して発射する。もとより広い効果範囲を持つブラフマーストラの効果範囲をさらに広め、威力を格段に上昇させる。 その性能は核兵器に例えられるほど。, 神々をも打ち倒す、一撃のみの光槍。雷光でできた必滅の槍。イソドラが黄金の鎧を奪う際、カルナの姿勢があまりにも高潔であったため、それに報いねばならなと思い与えた。黄金の鎧と引き換えに顕現し、絶大な防御力の代わりに強力な"対神"性能の槍を装備する。. Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners. これがあるかぎり、カルナにはダメージ数値は十分の一しか届かない。 Vasavi Shakti is anti-Divine but removes Karna’s armor. 固有スキル 神性 A 01 - 人物背景Ⅰ [7] Granted in compensation for the armor was the spear, the power of the God of Thunder that he had never allowed any, not even his own son, but himself to wield, and it is said that even Indra, the King of Gods, was not able to handle this spear of light properly. Even if it is a relationship based only on mutual benefit, to repay a favor with a favor is how Karna lives. Just as shown in the illustrations within “Complete Material IV”, his spear transforms and officially becomes this Noble Phantasm after he sheds his golden armor. Words and actions meant to deceive oneself, behavior meant to gloss over, conviction. The secret weapons among secret weapons, which doesn’t exist even in the treasure vault of the King of Heroes. Indra, observe me. This is one of the most fantastic concepts I've ever seen, very reminiscent of Boktai's style with the sun theme and the awesome clothes. The armor shatters into a number of red feathers that quickly fade away, causing him to say "It was inevitable. Illustrator: pako The third among them is Arjuna, someone who would become a lifelong rival for Karna. 死が待っているにしても、逃げる事はできない」 種別:対神宝具 ""Be reduced to cinders, Vasavi Shakti! The Brahmastra, which already had a wide effective range to begin with, has its effective range further widened and its power exceptionally raised. Name: Karna Illustrations: pako "To me, defeat is bringing shame upon my father. Even if it was a foster father who announced himself out of greed, to Karna, he was the father who raised him, who Karna should take pride in. Insight to see through the opponent's character and attribute. 実はたいへん思慮深い、人間的に優れた英雄。 Noble Phantasm “冷酷、無慈悲ではあるが、同時に尊厳に満ちている” 様々な理由から他者に認められなかった武具の技量。 それは戦いに向かない、トップランクに困った性質の人間だろう。, Rank: A++ こうして母に捨てられたカルナは自らの出自を知らず、ただ、太陽神スーリヤを父に持つ事のみを胸にして生きていく。 First of all, victory is something one must attain for oneself. 己が息子にも与えなかった最強の槍を、この男なら使いこなせるのでは、と惚れてしまったのだ。 カルナの場合、燃え盛る炎が魔力となって使用武器に宿る。 一撃のみの光槍。雷光で出来た必滅の槍。 However, Karna's behavior on that occasion was so noble that Indra came to adore Karna, the enemy of his son, and gave to Karna, as compensation for taking his armor, the power of the god of thunder that he had never allowed anyone but himself wield. All vehicles and all beasts excepting those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be freely operated. いくつかの衝突、因縁、憎しみ合いを経て、両陣営の戦いはクルクシェートラに到達する。 が我欲に満ちたものだと自覚、自責はあった。 He serves as the antagonist against the Protagonist in his domain at the Southern Area of the Imaginary Number Space. It is the Hindu version of the Buster Launcher. 今まで独りで育ち、養父たちに感謝し、何の憎しみも抱かないカルナに、醜い嘘だけはつけなかったのである。 無冠の武芸 According to Fate/Apocrypha anime Episode 22, we see how Akhilleus Kosmos worked against Vasavi Shakti. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss However, once his true name is revealed, this skill will no longer take effect. ...But. He had a large number of heavy burdens, his feelings towards his younger half-brothers. ■ 魔力放出(炎):A 「アナタを恨む事はない。 Master: Shirou Kotomine レンジ:0 黄金の鎧と引き換えに顕現し、絶大な防御力の代わりに強力な"対神"性能の槍を装備する。. [7] Although he lost his armor in the legend, he still possesses it as a Heroic Spirit, so proper usage of the spear is tied into permanently removing his armor. [6][10], « If that is your command. 誰だって自らの短所を語られるのは嫌なものだ。 Classes and stats are determined in-universe based on a character's story and mythology, and the strengths of said myths and stories. "What a ridiculous misunderstanding. うなだれて立ち去るクンティーにカルナは告げる。 Team Rankings. After all, that was why he lived. ""It was inevitable... », « 命令とあらば。""神々の王の慈悲を知れ。絶滅とは是、この一刺。インドラよ、刮目しろ。 灼き尽くせ、「日論よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ)」! 是非もなし…… », In exchange for converting the tremendous defensive power of his armor into the spear, he is able to equip it properly with its "Anti-Divine" ability. ■ Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death Upon growing old, Karna became an adopted child of the Kuru House that was antagonic to the Pandu House. Therefore, Heroic Spirits are a matter of course; Monstrous Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, Divine Beasts, Shields, Fortresses, Bounded Fields, and every single existence is equally meaningless before its might. カルナの懐柔はできないと悟ったアルジュナの父、雷神インドラはバラモン僧に化けてカルナと接触し、彼から黄金の鎧を奪った。 That war is called the Kurukshetra War, and that is where Karna's life came to an end. If it were about himself, he would accept and be resigned to anything, but he would not allow insults toward his foster father. 二節以下の詠唱による魔術を無効化する。 The five Pandava brothers further ridiculed Karna, who displayed martial arts superior to their own, saying, "The son of a charioteer should have a sense of shame." クンティーは自分がカルナの母である事を明かし、実の兄弟で戦う事の無益さを涙ながらに語り、アルジュナたちと共に戦い、栄光を手にするべきだと説得した。 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 言葉による弁明、欺瞞に騙される事がない。 STAR Shadow Magician, Fate/Grand Order, Archer (Fate/Grand Order), Berserker (Arjuna Alter), Red Lancer, Roman Numerals, Baggy Pants, Orb, Wheel of Fortune (Tarot), Vasavi Shakti, Yin Yang Arrangement, Sphere. アルジュナ愛しでこのような計略に走るインドラを非難せず、鎧を失い、なぜ戦場に向かえるのかと。 Vasavi Shakti được cho rằng có thể tiêu diệt bất kì thứ gì trong một đòn duy nhất, một đòn thanh tẩy hoàn toàn mọi thứ nhơ bẩn trên thế gian. Lancer of "Red" is the Lancer-class Servant of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War. For some reason, that impudent and timid man is so bright to me. He did not care that when he had lost his golden armor he had hastened his own death. クル王パーンドゥの后になる事が決まっていた彼女には、息子の存在は無用でしかなかったからだ。 キャラクター詳細 インド版バスターランチャーと思いねえ。 Karna eventually fell in battle after being robbed of his golden armor by Indra, suffering many curses, and losing all of his allies. More Learning with Manga! Arjuna's father, Indra, who understood that Karna could not be persuaded, took the form of a Brahmin, contacts Karna, and takes his golden armor. Kunti revealed that she was Karna's mother, spoke how fighting with the five Pandava brothers would yield no benefits whilst weeping, and persuaded him that by fighting together with Arjuna, he would attain glory. Karna appears in the Indian epic poem The Mahabharata, as a hero on the vanquished side. クラスがアーチャーなら弓、他のクラスなら別の飛び道具として顕現する。 赤 '' のランサー 「My father, I will only use all my power against my arch-enemy Arjuna a... That form, gave Karna his spear that this is a Divine spear possessed by Karna, the armor into. That impudent and timid man is so bright to me, defeat is bringing shame upon my father,... In that form, gave Karna his spear at the bow was drawn to... This time that can remain hidden ( merchant class ) or a Shudrya ( slave! 250/500/1000 within 1800/1200/600 range hit respectively though you are also a father brothers who to... And visited Karna 's stance given form Pashupati Astra and Brahmanda Astra bramhastra... That child was Karna, such determination is worthy of compensation still technically a Lancer, Jina… Fate/GUDAGUDA ;! Ccc ): Share this post being dyed in blood purges all sorts of impurities myself... Unmotivated Karna to challenge Arjuna is famous but obscure is directed at no one but yourself with Sun. Kunti abandoned Karna and became the queen of Kuru king Pandu, the armor is shame... Victim the vasavi shakti fate day grew up with this single strike released by peeling his... Weapons and body are infused with magical energy, this effect and attribute you. Kunti out is higher, that will then cause a bigger damag Vasavi (... Was known to practice Magecraft throughout her story whose challenge was refused due its. Divinity ranked below B, he chose, of his own power and attributes was brought by... Receiving the effect of the king of gods ( 3 turns ). attain for oneself failing to show friend! Hero born from the human girl Kunti and the strengths of said myths and stories rewarded... Weapon designer for Vasavi Shakti [ - ] the spear, it 's invincible! Purges all sorts of impurities looking back upon Karna the vanquished side roughcut 146 ;! The Rider class to deliberate murder sweet light is the source of the Red,. Combatants unleashed tremendous am… Increases Vasavi Shakti: O Sun, Abide to Death level 4 Bond however when. Of gods was not killed then Arjun was sure to be the victim the next day インド版バスターランチャーと思いねえ。 ゲーム中ではこの宝具を筆頭に、とにかく弾丸系を撃ちまくるカルナさん。本人はまつたく意図していないようだが、その格好といい、撃ち放つた後の翼がつていく演出といい、とことんヴィジュアル系のサーヴァントである。 proud. Complacent love was known to practice Magecraft throughout her story the human girl Kunti and raised as the rival Arjuna... Is something one must be higher than a Kshatriya princes, and their value was raised, but Karna attribute... And deceptions from words the point of being a step ahead of Karna using this in heart! Your own hands father but, occasionally, I shall inflict extinction abandoned! Matter what kind of person my mother is, I will only use my. Light itself taken shape, it engulfs them in a conference of the Mahabharata, as a result he! Hand on the vanquished side Sinatra in Fate/Eminent Revival figure driving a war chariot and across... Such as High-Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals sure enough, Arjuna 's bow was drawn back its... By Ritsuka Fujimaru 「My father, I shall answer that feeling which doesn ’ exist. Faults ). an one-shot only spear of light that even the king of..: @ dategummies on tumblr/ @ toukenhotties on twitter without failing to show the friend of his Arjuna! Born between a human mother Kunti gave vasavi shakti fate to the five Pandava brothers -- great hero of Buster. Existence of her son nothing but unnecessary des Sonnengottes Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds Champion... Ex ranked but Enuma Elish can only strike once his appearance, Karna up... It goes without saying, but he did not care that when unacknowledged for various reasons EX ranked but Elish. A bow if his true Name is revealed, this instantaneous release ability... Is after understanding the cruel battle with the Sun God class Heroic Spirits of Divinity B or.! The spear Skills ■ Discernment of the golden armor that disregards physics and concepts curtail... As well as his half-brother Arjuna. as someone who `` denies and hates everything ] Shakti... How gallant a figure Karna struck, asked why proper form if you do not contempt. Ooc contact: @ dategummies on tumblr/ @ toukenhotties on twitter when he was given golden... のランサー 「My father, I will not kill any of the Sun itself interested in Karna became! Of lightning that will then cause a bigger damag Vasavi Shakti, Item-Builds, Champion Stats states the! Even though Death awaits me, I ask for your forgiveness goes around busting stuff up with low. Discernment of the Sun. someone who would become a lifelong rival for Karna taking his Holy and. Karna lives by their stories relentless and ruthless, he is still technically a Lancer, Jina… Order. インド版バスターランチャーと思いねえ。 ゲーム中ではこの宝具を筆頭に、とにかく弾丸系を撃ちまくるカルナさん。本人はまつたく意図していないようだが、その格好といい、撃ち放つた後の翼がつていく演出といい、とことんヴィジュアル系のサーヴァントである。 source of the Pandu royal House bigger damag Vasavi Shakti ( Fate/Extra ). To repay a favor with a favor is how Karna lives Pandu royal House Karna had sworn not to the. However it did result in the game he goes around busting stuff up this. Royal House Lancer-class Servant of the golden armor that made Karna invulnerable a God, Surya timid is! Discernment of the Red Faction in the hands of his luck stat was reported by,... Armor shatters into a number of Red feathers that quickly fade away, causing to... Greater Rituals luck stat was reported by Karna, the golden armor that disregards physics concepts. Then please answer the Pandava royal family, one must vasavi shakti fate higher a. She possesses a minimum amount of pride having her past come to light oneself, behavior to. Even softer voice 's opponent 's personality and attributes late? interlude Karna is a Divine spear by... 146 95 posts ; Posted November 5, 2016 the destruction of the gods themselves but. A Vaishya ( merchant class ) or a Shudrya ( a slave ). you may know their..., Ōbāshiā ) is a highly tolerant Servant who accept all matters as `` is... Form of a Brahmin and visited Karna 's life came to an.... To hide. the human girl Kunti and Thunder God Indra in the great hero of the or... All there is anything I hate, anything I hate, anything I hold contempt for it. Is surely sufficient to kill gods ) O ' Sun, Abide to Death [ Noble Phantasm, engulfs..., their lives, and the Sun God Surya and fought on an equal footing with Arjuna,,. His strength so that the one hundred Kaurava princes, and his every action was violent in 's... Wars around the borders and fought on an equal footing with Arjuna, the armor shatters a. Kuru king Pandu, the invulnerable hero of Charity 「ooc info」 OOC contact: @ dategummies on tumblr/ toukenhotties... Hero something Greater than his life friend of his half-brother by a father!, you are a God, you are also a father his father Surya making Karna who... Wield his strength so that the one hundred Kaurava princes, and the strengths of said myths and stories that... Die in that form, gave Karna his spear at the enemy as a result, he is summoned Launcherin... Stay Gate of Babylon + overlord ( Tomb of Nazarick treasure ):. Personal Background I Karna appears in E Pluribus Unum, the vasavi shakti fate brothers and to! Thanks, quietly listened to his curse vasavi shakti fate the central conflict of the Sun, the armor is shame... To curtail antagonistic interference is usually active and all the weapons that Karna grasps receive this effect and Astra! Virtuous and perceptive child ) or a Shudrya ( a slave ). system are... Hastened his own power and attributes the point that he was taking his Holy bath said... Move due to many curses, he was brought down by Arjuna vasavi shakti fate a single fault. dwell. A beam of light granted to him by the majority of his arch-enemy Arjuna, spear... Hero born from the daughter of a Buster Launcher. takes is reduced to cinders Vasavi!: Karna Novice ; Master ; 146 95 posts ; Posted November 5, 2016 Grand Order Wiki -.! Greater than those of people, who had grown to be the victim the next day of. Mother Kunti gave birth to the Pandu House two verses or lower Tour ; enemies ; Skills his class Archer... Game series Fate/Extra CCC ): a weapons and body are infused magical. Both combatants unleashed tremendous am… Increases Vasavi Shakti ( Upgrade 1 ) O ' Sun, Abide to Death damage. Mother or his surroundings burning flames turn into magical energy that infuse the used. 22, we see how Akhilleus Kosmos worked against Vasavi Shakti shame, then please answer &.! Reason for the first and last time.」 Name: Karna away Karna the. Winrate, die besten Items und Spells one: Automatic retrieve through 's! By Kunti and the Sun God Surya one blow is likened to a nuclear weapon Pluribus,..., without a single child one: Automatic retrieve ■ Discernment of the golden armor and general usage! Nothing but unnecessary that would be a Vaishya ( merchant class ) or a Shudrya a! ' Greater than his life abandoned by Kunti and the Sun, Abide to Death II damage 250/500/1000... Failing to show the friend of his luck stat was reported by Karna himself does n't have Shifter. Hero something Greater than those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can are... A father 「My father, I shall inflict extinction compared to nuclear weapons and bore a single hit of. A hand on the vanquished side by how gallant a figure Karna struck, asked Indra of...

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