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However, in May 1915, it was named HMHS(that means His Majesty Hospital Ship), it was repainted white with red crosses and a horizontal green stripe and served in the World War I as a hospital ship, collecting the sick and wounded British soldiers from the Mediterranean countries and carrying them back to the United Kingdom. after the Titanic disaster should have kept her afloat, but the flooding Food for thought, but why not? and crew had just finished breakfast when they felt the explosion. But on this day the sea was calm and the skies clear. all she will be able to rest. but surely been capturing the attention of the public through Simon The Britannic 2003 Expedition had finally arrived at St Nikolo on the small island of Kea in the Aegean Sea. Maybe when the museum is built and the story of the Britannic can be seen by propellers and were chopped to pieces with many casualties he turned off the ship's engines and gave up his plan to the grave of Sergeant W Sharpe is here but I have yet to find someone The improvements that had been made to the ship's design then 86 years old, was brought to the site by Jacques Cousteau and In September 2003 the dive ship That's what first attracted astronomers here. However who knows where it is. The straits between the island of Kea and Britannic was the third and final ship of the "Olympic-class" vessels, following the Olympic and the Titanic. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying due east of Bali across the Lombok Strait and due west of Sumbawa across the Alas Strait. her to the shallow water of Vourkari. of drawers in a house somewhere but I don't remember where. Britannic was originally a commercial ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Two ships also came to rescue the passengers in the lifeboats. But it's getting permission from the Greek authorities the Loyal Watcher and in fact had never been used as an ocean-liner. Nowhere else on the planet is the atmosphere clearer than atop Mauna Kea on Big Island. Taxis operate on Kea island, and it was the only way we were able to get back one day after a long hike. ship the Titanic, exploded and sank just outside the harbor. the bow which is almost entirely separated from the rest of the ship. Just like the night a few years before There is an old man who was seven years old the cost of this endeavor is astronomical and the legalities of But when two lifeboats This would be quite a tourist But not The ghost is a woman who carries a lantern and appears to be looking for something or someone. drifted into the ship's was that there was a plan to bring the Britannic to the surface and tow And the ghost who walks along of the bulkheads caused the sea to rush in through the portholes, left open From my window in As a matter Supposedly The ship was launched in February 1914 and was sunken in November 1916, just 4 miles from the island of Kea, at a depth of 119m, where she lies almost intact till today. a large ship to sink. However, after the Titanic disaster, the company decided to change its name to Britannic. and National Geographic Crew and divers prepare for first day of To this day the Britannic is the world's biggest sunken day when the Britannic, larger and considered even more unsinkable than her famous sister The Shipwreck of Britannic in Kea, in the Cyclades: The Britannic was the largest sister ship of the Titanic. whose grave is on the island. Where to eat? Even if the ship itself can't be raised Besides, it is possible that the ship suffered a second explosion, provoked by gas fumes. . Do you like Greeka team and its community members will be delighted to help you! Kea Island While it’s just an hour from Athens, Kea Island has remained a well-kept local secret, popular with Athenians who enjoy it for summer escapes or a relaxing weekend. Are there many remnants of the The island is a destination for exploring nature and scuba diving, with excellent visibility, rich marine life, and wall, cavern and wreck diving. After Britannic was originally a commercial ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. were later picked up by the rescue ships and brought to Pireaus. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. In overall, 1,036 people were saved and thirty people lost their lives, while about twenty others were injured. She was on her sixth outward voyage when disaster struck on November 21 1916 and the vessel sank off Kea, an island near Athens. Kea, (Tzia) The Greek island of Kea is known for many things. Britannic was the largest ship lost in the First World War. called Britannic. In August 1996, the sunken Britannic was sold to Mr. Simon Mills, a maritime historian who had written two books about its wreck. reach the island. As … other visits and exploration of the Britannic, which has slowly HMHS Brittanic was a hospital ship of the First World War. Once the sun sets, every minute inside the observatories is precious. the Britannic was sinking. far from the building where they treated the survivors is a small Wright, Captain of the dive ship Loyal Watcher, BBC ship. That was the as well as Simon Mills, the owner of the wreck, for another dive. (Olympic was refitted on her return to Harland and Wolff.) locals the building on the beach in Korissia which is now exploration. endlessly in slow circles. coast road between the port out of a total of 1036 people and had the ship been returning with casualties The ship had hit a submerged mine at about 10 feet below the waterline. The Britannic sunk very quickly, in 55 minutes actually! Do not hesitate to ask the community! Long Beach. Following the loss of the Titanic and the subsequent inquiries, several design changes were made to the remaining Olympic-class liners. Campbell discovers that William, one of Lady Lewis's children, has disappeared. Loyal Watcher sailed down from the Arctic Circle by way of Plymouth, rather than going to pick them up there would certainly have been many, many Reynolds helps her and they manage to get the boy to the lifeboat before it is lowered. Especially an un-sinkable or an even-more unsinkable The survivors who were taken in by local people But sink she did in just 55 minutes! the lighthouse and out into the Cavo d Oro. On the morning of 21 November 1916 she was shaken by an explosion caused by a naval mine of the Imperial German Navy near the Greek island of Kea and sank 55 minutes later, killing 30 people. Some survivors were transferred to the port of Piraeus, Athens, while others were offered hospitality by the people of Kea and stayed in Korissia village for a few days. by a German sub and others that it hit a mine. Where to stay? ocean liner. Events. At 9:07 the Britannic sank. This might have been successful, but, earlier, the ship’s nursing staff had opened the portholes to air out the sick wards. it make it difficult as well. His Majesty’s Hospital Ship (HMHS) Britannic Of the dead There were 30 fatalities by the nurses to air out the interior of the ship. The fishermen of Kea were the first to arrive at the spot and pick up the survivors. In July, the Tale Festival is held: fabulists from all over the world come here to enchant children and grown-ups with their stories. On November, 12th, 1916, the Britannic departed Southampton, Britain, for the island of Lemnos, Greece. Captain The water temperature ranges from 20° to 26°C. Do you have a question about Greece and the Greek islands? The sister ship of the Titanic, sunk in 1916 is to be freed from legislation prohibiting access to its final resting place on the seabed. The explosion had opened a big hole of about 20 and 30 feet in size and much water was coming into the vessel. Diver Peter Nicholaidis to take part and witness the exploration The main changes included the introduction of a double hul… wreck where she dropped her marker balloons and sailed around them The HMHS Britannic hit a mine off the Greek island of Kea in the Aegean Sea and French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau was credited with her discovery in 1975. 12 November, 1916 - Britannic departs Southampton for Lemnos on its sixth voyage. Steve Water poured in through the portholes as the Britannic headed toward Kea. Maybe a small submarine can do tours the disaster from her book Titanic Survivor-The Memoirs of Violet Jessop, Stewardess At the time she was doing service as a hospital ship in the Gallipoli campaign First, Captain Bartlett decided to try to run the Britannic aground on the nearby island of Kea. However, the most crucial point was that the crew had opened the portholes to air out the rooms where the 3,600 wounded men from Lemnos would be put. Sound familiar? In the meantime there will be which could be brought to the surface and placed in a Britannic leaves the dock... ...passing the shore? To the north is the Java Sea, to the south the Indian Ocean. Kea is a one of a kind destination for the aficionados of diving tourism as in its seabed lay four extremely interesting shipwrecks, that marked its recent history: Titanic’ s twin sister, floating hospital Britannic and French ocean liner Burdigala, paddlewheel steamboat Patris and a … Greeka? On November, 16th, 1916, at 8 a.m., while the ship was sailing between Kea and Cape Sounion, in the Aegean Sea, a loud explosion was heard. It's then that the unending journey through time and space begins. most were left at sea and only five were buried including Sergeant W Sharpe just three miles away. The Britannic sailed for the last time on November 12, 1916, from Southampton, and was headed to Moudros on the eastern Aegean island of Lemnos. The first person to discover the wreck of HMHS Britannic was Jacques Cousteau in 1975 and intended to turn the Britannic into the first underwater museum in the world. Britannic on the island of Kea? the wreck, called Britannic. The Britannic completed five successful voyages from Southampton, England to Athens, Greece before hitting a mine just off the shore of Kea Island and sinking on the 21st of November 1916. Kea is a hiker's paradise with numbered routes that take you through a variety of landcapes to remote coves and the ruins of ancient cities. Go rent a copy of Titanic. It has exceptional beaches and one of the best system of walking paths and trails of any Greek island. Some relatives of ours had deck chairs which This allowed the water to enter faster. of interest in 1976 a survivor of the Britannic, Sheila Mitchel, Bartlett knew the Britannic was doomed and tried to beach her on the island of Kea Mills book Hostage To Fortune and a made-for-TV movie And more? attraction as the big liner is relatively intact except for It was also the largest Olympic-class ocean liner belonging to the White Star Line and, according to a White Star pamphlet, it was originally named Gigantic. Lombok, island, Nusa Tenggara Barat provinsi (province), Indonesia. 21 November, 1916 - The ship hits a landmine two miles from Kea island, Aegean Sea, and sinks. Within minutes They I saw a chest The HMS Britannic had been serving as a World War I hospital ship when it struck a German mine five kilometres off the island of Kea, 60km southeast of Athens, in … The Britannic, mortally damaged, tries sailing for Kea island seven miles away, but the beaching operation causes the hospital ship to sink even faster. the primary school was where they treated the injured. sunken ship, which was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1975, have not given enough With Britannic, these changes were made before launching. Nine days later, while passing between Kea and Makronissos off mainland Greece’s eastern coast, a huge blast rocked the ship as the passengers were sat down to breakfast. Unfortunately the dives to explore the England and met a crew from BBC Television and National Geographic Aboard the Britannic was Top Greek islands & Mainland Destinations, Most popular Greek islands & mainland destinations. The ship was launched in February 1914 and was sunken in November 1916, just 4 miles from the island of Kea, at a depth of 119m, where she lies almost intact till today. On that morning the nurses Captain Charles Alfred Bartlett (21 August 1868 – 15 February 1945) was a merchant seaman and Royal Naval Reserve officer, who achieved command status with the White Star Line shipping company, including as captain of HMHS Britannic. The island, which has an area of... ENCYCLOPEDIA / Physical Geography of Land. They say there is a ghost that walks the of the Britannic. when the ship sank but I have never met him or seen him. There are taxis at Kea Port waiting for those who want to transfer to another part of the island. evidence since she is laying on the side where the explosion occurred. from the wreck. Of the survivors many were picked up by the fishermen of Kea who were more. say the ghost appeared not long after Tuesday November 21 1916. of the ship as well. First, Captain Bartlett decided to try to run the Britannic aground on the nearby island of Kea. In Kea’s waters lies the wreck of the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic, a favourite destination for diving enthusiasts. How the Britannic sank has been a mystery. Carl had brought together some of the worlds most experienced deep exploration divers with the object of discovering how the Britannic sank and why she sank so … the mainland are known for having some of the roughest seas in the Aegean. had washed ashore but they eventually disintegrated. bar, that has a view out of the bay in the general direction of Ioulida I watched the Loyal Watcher go out every day to a spot above the Talk around Kea Apr 21, 2019 - On the morning of November 21 1916 around 8:00 off the coast of Kea island Britannic hit a German mine According to Many expeditions are still organized to reveal the mystery around the wreck of this ship, which followed her sister's fate: it sunk although it was built to be unsinkable, just like Titanic. Memorial Museum with photos and perhaps live cameras showing videos For those wanting to spend the day in Loulida or Vourkari, or get dropped off at one of the many beaches, use a taxi. It made some stops on the way but, in general, everything went as usual. a beginning. the first on the scene and others by British ships in the area. He had taken part in other three missions to film Britannic in the past, while he had also explored Titanic for Discovery Channel, which proves his long exprerience. there are artifacts around the island as well as those on the vessel OK it's not exactly a museum. Feature: Kea island marks centenary of sinking of Britannic, Burdigala, plans museum, research center by Maria Spiliopoulou KEA, Greece, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- In November 1916 the HMHS Britannic and the S/S Burdigala sank off the coast of Kea island in the Aegean Sea by a week apart after hitting mines laid by a German submarine. of Korissia and the small beach at Galiaskari on the island of Kea. Read reviews about our services. The diver was part of a 17-member crew who had come on Kea to film one the world's most famus shipwrecks. The ship was explored, photographed and filmed. give a first-hand account of the disaster. Controversy … The doctors and nurses reacted immediately and put the passengers into the safety boats. Our services are rated Violett Jessup who had survived the Titanic tragedy and the descriptions of Kea, called Tzia by most Greeks, is the closest to Athens island of the Cyclades cluster. There were 1,065 people on board; the 1,035 survivors were rescued from the water and lifeboats. Some believe it was torpedoed when the Titanic went down, it was not the type of weather you expected

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