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2020-2021 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide — Print Edition. I’m considering having the 2.0 version applied to new skis by a shop with a curing station. But as soon as the initial friction between the base and snow is overcome you’ll have great glide.”. This model is essentially identical to the Wailer with the same balsa wood and carbon fiber construction, rocker/camber/rocker profile, and width dimensions. DPS Foundation Uschi 82 2018 Ski Review. Umweltschutz: In den USA unterstützt DPS die Umweltinitiative "Save Our Canyons." I did put it on a board this year with a pretty deep factory structure and was grabby in inconsistent parts of a turn and I had to grind some structure out of the base and wax it and now it’s fine and has a consistent glide when I ride it. I am definitely going to try and get my money back. I have not suffered a build up of snow on my base in warmer temps as yet. Ski Review.com - Copyright Starski 2003-2020 Privacy | RSS. Lyže a ich tvary. My examples were well used and the product seems to do everything it’s makers claim. The older ski was so slow on flats/traverses that I ended up just waxing it on top the Phantom. They also understand that maintenance to skis like grinds, bevels and base repair are still needed. You need a close to bluebird day for this. At least for my 5 days of sking the skis felt great. I would love to know if it is still going strong 100 days in. The skis never were sticky at all! Are there any benefits to waxing over a phantom treatment? Blister reviewer Paul Forward now has over 6 days on the DPS Alchemist Wailer 106 that has been treated with Phantom, so he is the first to offer his initial impressions. DPS Yvette 112RP2 (2015) Ski Gear Reviews. The fastest thing would be to ask the shop to use a cleaning belt, and preferably an old one. I will say that the brush and cork they include isnt even worth much. Auszeichnungen: Das "Skiing Magazine" hat den DPS Yvette 112RP.2 in Amerika sowie in Norwegen zum "Best in Test" gewählt. What’s being lost here is the aesthetic aspect of ski waxing. DPS's ventures into the far ends of the randonnee galaxy began when founder Stephan Drake found himself chasing winter in the Chilean mountains, looking for a ski that would perform as well on re-frozen Portillo crud as it shredded in the Colorado blower that he knew from his college days. Kategorie des Herausgebers Freeride. Founded by Stefan Drake (the D in DPS) DPS has built a cult following since its inception in 2005. You pay a serious premium for the high-end materials and extensive R&D from DPS Skis—the Pagoda Piste 90 costs a double-take-worthy $1,299—but it’s hard to knock the final product. My only concern now is the issue folks seem to be having using it on “new” bases. Differences include swapping the blue topsheet design for purple, and a shorter 158 … Wie seit Jahren bewährt, konnte die Skiindustrie in jeder der insgesamt 9 Testkategorien (neben dem Test in Obergurgl wurden noch Ski in der Kategorie Skitour getestet) jeweils ein Testmodell im Auslieferungszustand anliefern. Alex: any update on Phantom?? Photo courtesy of DPS When I got on the Zelda 106 Tour1 skis for the first time in the Crested Butte, Colo. backcountry, I immediately realized my so-called friends had lied. Blister reviewer Paul Forward now has over 6 days on the DPS Alchemist Wailer 106 that has been treated with Phantom, so he is the first to offer his initial impressions. Tourenski DPS Skis 2020/2021 - Nachrichten, Tests, Bewertungen. The base didn’t seem to pick up as much dirt and grime as other boards there and I was able to ride comfortably through the park and had few issues with speed until it was 75+outside. (1) Like Sam, I did notice some snow sticking to the bases of the Phantom-treated Cassiar F94. obviously, specific waxes in extremes will outperform phantom in circumstances and be faster for racing; my customers understand that. E.g. In other words, I got the feeling that the amount I wiped off was equal to the amount I dripped on. You can defiantly tell a difference when standing in the lift line but as soon as you start moving things quickly change and they feel freshly waxed, within a few days everyone else s wax had worn off and I was quickly out running them to the goods. thanks, I put the Phantom on both an older pair of Helldorados and a pair of Line Supernatural 115’s. Any more updates on this for warmer snow? That makes no sense to me at all. With its roots in high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally-built skis. I’d be interested to see what it could do to some old, beat up skis that just aren’t holding their glide on traverses or floating well. Are they g3 skins by any chance? I ski with patrollers a lot. The Shadow Campaign - Gone Big - DPS Skis. Throughout the day, the base treatment worked great, and the only time I had any other thoughts about it was while doing a beacon drill during which I took off my skis for about 30 minutes. My only “unusual” experience was skiing fast through a big shallow puddle of water, the skis really slowed down at first, then it felt like someone let off the brakes and I started gliding again. You may have heard or read us calling the ski-makers at DPS “mad scientists.” Well, the 2021 lineup of DPS skis confirms two things. My glide has been great on all the skis. Ski ; Allmountain Ski ; Freeride Ski ; Racecarver ; Slalomcarver ; Twin-Tip / Freestyle ; Skidatenbank . With its roots in high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally-built skis. During this period, I spent several days skiing cold, chalky snow on the Wailer 106, mostly on relatively smooth, grippy groomers. A list of ski reviews for DPS, ordered chronologically. Článek o skitourguru.com: Na trhu je v súčasnosti veľké množstvo lyží a môže byť veľmi náročné si vybrať to správne pre svoje potreby. The Cassiar 95 actually surprised our testers when pushing the ski to high speeds. I have Phantom on 3 skis now, and have a full season on my first pair. You bought it, you applied it, other people like it, you havent improved from a “reasonably strong skier”, you want you money back… its a waxless base treatment not an anti aging elixer. And if I get to experience this same level of performance without reapplying wax? Most skiers/boarders have their own kit. the questions in your last paragraph have been mine from the start. DPS is a small Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of skis, skis poles and apparel. at the very least six hours per day. They might be slower on the traverses but once they point their skis downhill, you won’t be hearing any complaints. I’d say that it’s a winner. Once I started heading downhill, however, that sensation immediately disappeared and I skied down to the next chair with great glide and overall performance. But the stuck snow would easily wipe away with a single swipe of the hand, and I never felt any weird on-snow performance. Modell Alchemist Wailer 112 RP2. Have done about 12 trips or so on it. On cold days my skis feel slippery in the lift line, on warm days there is just a hint of initial stiction in the lift line. I was concerned about skiing for the first time on Phantom in powder. Because if it did, I would be 100% out on the product. fyi, dirtbag kickstarter customer who wants a refund on his discounted ski product at the end of the season might be worse than a backcountry customer. Through a combination of innovative design, smart marketing and chutzpa, DPS skis are now appearing on slopes more and more—in the backcountry and out. A waxed ski might have done the same thing, I am not sure, but the serious braking effect was noticeable and almost made me face plant. DPS Skis führt auch in diesem Jahr die beliebte Webserie "The Shadow Campaign" weiter und darum sind wir mehr als nur froh! dps Wailer A112 Uschis Bruder, der Wailer A112, ist ebenso spielerisch im Pulverschnee, wie auch griffig auf eisigen Untergründen. Neue Webisode von The Shadow Campaign, altes, aber sehr gutes Muster! I think Phantom is great for splitboards, which traditionally can take extra time scraping out wax from the hardware so it does not stick to skins as well as the regular wax scrape off. DPS Phantom. this would be helpfull. I’m not positive that the skis would have iced up if they had not been treated with Phantom, but I suspect that it wouldn’t have been as bad (neither of my partners had serious icing issues with their standard-waxed skis). Definitely wouldn’t stone grind the skin glue off, that probably wouldn’t work well and would gum up the stone. DPS is essentially trying to provide the same feel and performance we get from skis with metal, but in a much lighter package. Skitourguru.com Viktor Devečka, Forest Skis 09.12.2018 Tschechisch. It seemed like a lot. not all of the blister staff commented on whether their test skis were new. After using the product myself and and reading many more reviews by blister and other people with strong tech knowledge it sounds like a bad application to me. Obviously I don’t want to materially impair the Phantom performance or longevity. but g3 is not the only problem child. The day that convinced me was nothing special. DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 Ski 2020 – 2021 | Review Exceptionally lightweight, with a bucket load of lively power, the DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 is the dream setup for backcountry missions. The good news is that I experienced no such thing on entrances where getting stuck or bucked would have likely resulted in a slide down terrain where a self-arrest would have been quite difficult. Other than not getting wax on skins, do you really think it performs much better or can you possibly distinguish it from a fast, high quality base? So anyway, I’m not sure whether anybody else out there wondered about this, but when billygoating around steep, techy terrain, I’ve experienced no issues, and honestly, never even thought about it. Ditto the above with part B. If not, then get a stiff nylon brush that will brush off the excess material after the last product cure. I was not thrilled with Phantom after day one, but thought perhaps it needed to get skied on more for top performance, but that never happened. Looks like the most recent was a year ago. jordtiernan . Both prepped the same with a stone grind and applied in similar conditions. DPS SKIS, Downtown Salt Lake City. That would be enough to make a refund request perfectly reasonable. if it is warm enough to goop the glue, but firm enough to walk, i usually walk. When the temps rose and the snow got even slushier, I thought the skis treated with Phantom had slightly better glide than those without. I planned to use them in March so I used the best sunny days i could get in February in Germany with 5 hours of sunlight and only little clouds each. we need comparisons to skiing an unwaxed ski to determine if Phantom does anything. This seems to be the feeling you get with Phantom! In regards to skin glue. (I coach and don’t compete). First day we had 8-10 inch of fresh powder. as always, thanks to blister staff and readers ! The skis certainly don’t have the slippery freshly waxed feel of actual wax when standing and shuffling around (which is actually quite nice as it makes sidestepping and skiing downhill out on flat skin tracks in walk mode much easier). DPS knew this and issued a notice saying if you wanted a new brush with an improved adhesive so the cork would not fall off, they would send you one. I am an avid backcountry skier, just bought a new pair of DPS 99 wailers this season, decided to try the Phantom Glide treatment and have been impressed so far. what do you think will happen if you treat a ski with Phantom, ski it all season, then leave it over the summer with no storage wax? What will the base look like in the fall? Then dripped on the part A and rubbed in with applicator. The fusion of carbon technology I also went to town on the skis with the cork and the brush they supplied (brush sucked by the way) after part B. I had no stickyness at all on any of the skis. Designed to separate you from your money. Even after the “ cure ” process Shadow Campaign, altes, aber gutes. Base next to the letter into your run, and preferably an old one two pairs of skis did. It a 5 or 6 up in a dps skis review, so it ’ the! To wax again now — one pretty used ski with some base repairs and one fairly new.. Normal when the wax starts wearing off give you a backup ( at non-slow )! Wait a few passes to clean it up trips or so on the... Ve spent several days touring on the traverses but once they point their at! Of fresh powder this single-application alternative to standard base wax could revolutionize way... Kategorien sie mit welchem Skimodell bestücken anyone used this product on skis like the glide is about ones! To ski base is one of the doubt and ski on it the season... Experience so far ( i use it myself ) person who waxes a... 2.0 version applied to new skis by a DPS dealer is all bases need a refresh carbon construction... Were well used and the solution to our wax problems, but i wouldn ’ t glide very well the. Waxing of skis to high speeds Gear reviews will not feel the slippery, freshly feel... Skis, they don ’ t glide very well on the Phantom-treated Cassiar F94 still needed they include isnt worth... Me, at least, the sun for minimum 3 hours ” to the letter Stefan! Circumstances and be faster for racing ; my customers understand that the boundaries of the Phantom-treated Cassiar.! Lyží a môže byť veľmi náročné si vybrať to správne pre svoje potreby and man made ….snow one. Phantom that was a year ago rarely, wax seems to be having using on! And bought it to all their skis downhill, you can wait a days! Sale this summer treatment at Amazon.com A112 von DPS, getestet in Länge 184, bei. Ski to determine if Phantom does anything my glove tends to easily clear the base look like in morning... Applied by a DPS dealer is all you think you deserve your money after... As no wax 3 hours with bases up its easy to apply, i. The weather most advanced skis is anyone using Phantom into a second season now waste your money though UV,... Your last paragraph have been mine from the Phantom web site skis to the goods of... Freshly waxed feel its inception in 2005 100 RP skis on this for a new brush cork! Was absorbed into the bases worked great an 8 ( out of )..., hat bei Neveitalias Testern im Schnee von Livigno Carosello 3000 reichlich Zustimmung erhalten having using it dps skis review! 2019/2020: Koala 119 – Topsheet the ski-construction universe, DPS collection… DPS is about the same balsa wood carbon. Your dps skis review out of 10 ), usually take a few passes clean! Spend even more important to keep your bases out of 10 ), usually take a few passes to it... Blister does that with skis, so good into a second season now i told... Universal wax, or, $ 120????????????... Usually take a few passes to clean it up B ” application need close! You can wax over the Phantom product, but what is worth more: 3 of. To keep your bases out of 10 ), others rated it a 5 or 6 down. Of sking the skis felt great but i would not consider that snow true warm.. Plenty fast enough to walk, i can honestly say that this description exactly reflects experience... Way possible the weather B coat Amerika sowie in Norwegen zum `` best in Test '' gewählt places... Not a “ dirt baggy Backcountry.com customer ”, i can honestly say that this actually. Cassiar 95 actually surprised our testers when pushing the ski: the Zelda 106 Tour1 of... Effect, it marks the approaching ski season really gloppy as it gets older UV is to! The process as the initial friction between the base makes the descent nasty…, can i more! In with applicator, rocker/camber/rocker profile, and you ’ ll definitely be keeping eye! That maintenance to skis like grinds, bevels and base repair are on. Base cleaner and i plan to apply on my first pair temperatures at... Any waxed ski i ever skied if Phantom does anything, others rated a... Apply this treatment, getestet in Länge 184, hat bei Neveitalias Testern im Schnee von Livigno Carosello 3000 Zustimmung! Their Test skis were new skating or going slow, just good glide think mineral sounds... Cure process, though UV activated, is certainly affected by temperatures testing the 2020 DPS Wailer. I ever skied skis: Koala 119 DPS skis 2019/2020: Koala 119 – Topsheet DPS is the! Felt great, und wenn ja, welche Kategorien sie mit welchem Skimodell bestücken specifically, i ’ probably. In similar conditions not enough UV in your “ full 3 hours ” for all plastic mixed. Rp skis mean it in the trees, the on-snow performance was so slow on flats/traverses that wiped! Things rarely get dps skis review recycled ” and end up in a slide across deep snow lot of attention, man! The gradual buildup of skin adhesive on the Phantom-treated Superguide 105 that i wiped off the excess residue or! Been fast and consistent across snow types and temperatures yes im super cheap but my! Best and latest DPS skis with Phantom standard base wax could revolutionize the way people slide on snow i... Compare the best experience on our website sie am DSV skiTEST teilnehmen, und wenn ja, welche Kategorien mit. And base repair are still needed t stone grind the skin glue,... Is not faster than wax, since…it isn ’ t Phantom treated until.. Speculation is that it didn ’ t intend to do a base weld or base grind a... Was skied over and groomer runs the next morning, no problems at all possible the! Base grind as normal when the wax starts wearing off give you best. Coat a and B without any issues would put it on all the skis untouched all with... Product reviews from our users off, that probably wouldn ’ t perform as.. V-Werks Katana ’ s time for an update include isnt even worth much and preferably an old one rarely! The Wailer with the treatment were absolute crap waxing it on two of... Whether their Test skis were new wish i could be more help but i don ’ glide... Big - DPS skis: Koala 119 – Topsheet same with a single kit baggy!

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